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What To Wear To Your First Yoga Class

If you've never taken a yoga class before, you may feel nervous. What should I wear? Is there anything specific I should have with me? 

You may assume that not having the proper equipment implies that you should not attend class. But that's not the case at all.

Attending a yoga class - and choosing what to wear - is completely up to you. Wearing yoga clothing is all about making you feel comfortable while practising yoga.

Any kind of clothing will do, really. While yoga pants are a good idea, they aren't absolutely necessary. Make sure you're comfy in whatever combo you come up with. You may even be wondering is there a difference between leggings and yoga pants?

But whatever you choose to wear, keep in mind that your attire should remain in place. In fact, as you go through the session, you may have to take a variety of postures, from reclining on your back to put your legs up in the air.

Choosing your yoga outfit for your first yoga class

If you're intending to wear a pair of leggings to your first class, keep in mind that comfort comes before anything else, even before style. 

In order to determine a garment's flexibility and comfort, do very simple yoga positions, like a downward facing dog or a sun salutation, and see how it feels.

And remember, you get to decide what’s right or wrong for your body. So whether it's shorts, leggings, or stlying out cropped leggings. Make sure your comfortable.

Good-quality yoga leggings

It’s better to purchase a single good pair of yoga leggings rather than a number of low-quality ones. 

Nowadays there are so many different varieties of yoga leggings on the market - from high waisted leggings, to stretch printed leggings, to even funky patterned leggings with a number of patterns to show off your personality, to those for curvy figures

Everybody can find a good quality pair they love in the right size. Leggings aren;t your only option, capris are always in style, or you could opt for some shorts as well. If you want an even easier choice you can check out our matching leggings and sport bra sets.



And that’s important because yoga places a lot of attention on good breathing, which includes your skin. You should wear clothing that is made from light, breathable materials that drain sweat away from your body rather than trap it there.

To achieve that result, the best yoga pants are made from a combination of fabrics. Read our guide on what to wear with yoga pants if you're set on them.

If leggings aren't your thing you could also go with some capris or workout shorts.

Let's have a look at which materials are the most suitable for yoga pants, as well as what proportion of each you'll need to meet your best while practising.


There's a good reason why polyester is so common in yoga pants: it's soft, durable, and comfortable. Despite its low weight, this cloth is very durable. It also offers excellent moisture properties, making it a must-have for your yoga pants. 


If you're looking for the desired amount of flexibility in your yoga pants, you also need a touch of spandex. This material has a remarkable ability to stretch and then snap back into shape. Because it is less durable and less attractive than polyester, it is often combined with other materials in a lower percentage.


Nylon is a very durable, quick-drying, and flexible fabric. The downside is that in general, it is susceptible to colour fading and alteration. So during the last years it has been replaced by other more modern fabrics (like polyester).


Although polyester and polypropylene are both made of the same material, polypropylene dries far more quickly than polyester. Polyester, on the other hand, is considerably simpler to clean and maintain and is considered a superior choice for most people.

Breathing down there

Yes, the breathability aspect extends even to your most intimate areas. So when it comes to choosing the correct underwear, going with cotton is not always the best choice. Much better to go with lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics to avoid sweat stains. 

Sports Bras

All bodies and breasts are different, so there’s not really a “one solution that fits all” here. But as a general rule, a good sports bra should provide both support and comfort. Most yoga attire combines a light flowing top with a sports bra underneath to give both support and coverage.

Choosing a sports bra depends mostly on your bra size and coverage requirements. Classes with more intense stretching, such as power vinyasa, often need additional assistance because of the frequent twisting and inverting that occurs. When attending slower, low-intensity yoga classes like hatha yoga or yin or restorative yoga, you may get away with a lesser degree of support. 

Layer Up

Most people believe that for yoga sessions, they should wear the bare minimum, but this is not always the case. Instead, it is best to wear light layers that are simple to remove - especially if you will one day attend hot yoga classes. Crop tops are also recommended, especially for classes where it is likely you will work up a sweat.

Layers can help to boost your core temperature during the final relaxation part of the session, which could help release your muscles and avoid chills. 


Keeping Your Yoga Clothes in Top Shape

Most yoga clothes will tell you how to wash them, but in general, it's best to turn them inside out, wash them in cold water, without fabric softeners.

Your clothes will last longer if they are dried on a hanger, rather than being put in the dryer for an extended period.

Yoga wear should be washed separately from cotton items such as towels, since the fibres of the cotton tend to stick to the fabric.


Frequently Asked Wear to Yoga Class Questions

Are tight clothes good for Yoga?

Yes, as long as they allow you to move freely and enable you to do a variety of positions. Also, don’t forget that whatever you wear should be made of breathable materials. We detail more on how workout leggings should fit here.

Can I practice yoga with a normal bra?

For yoga, it is best to forego the use of a conventional bra. A good sports bra makes it easier to get into and stay in various positions and offer constant support.

Is it better to wear a thin or thick fabric?

A thin fabric is usually preferable as yoga doesn’t require additional support and compression like other activities like running or jumping.


Details About Your First Yoga Class.

Do I need a yoga mat?

Ask whether the yoga studio or gym has a mat you can borrow or rent for the day if you're new to yoga and haven't purchased one yet.  After taking a few classes, you can purchase your own.

Different materials, colours, and thicknesses are available for yoga mats, ranging from natural rubber to synthetic. Pro tip: after a class, fold your mat in two before rolling it, so the side in contact with the floor won’t touch the side where you practice. 

Don’t forget a towel.

If you work up a sweat or attend a hot yoga class, you'll need a towel. Sweating is a mystery to us! Hahahaha! When it comes to keeping your mat from sliding, you may wish to invest in a little towel.

And water!

No matter what kind of activity you're doing, it's important to be hydrated. When you don't drink enough water, you notice a significant difference in your health and that’s even more true when exercising. 


Yoga etiquette for your beginner class.

Plan ahead of time: you should arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first yoga session to choose a location that feels right to you. 

Before you enter the room, remove your shoes and socks (unless you have yoga socks!); some studios offer racks for your shoes just inside the yoga room. You can always check with the front desk or see what the rest of the guests are doing if you're unsure. You'll be able to see and follow the individuals in front of you if you sit at the back.

Say hello to your teacher prior to the start of the class. Instructors will be able to make adjustments if you tell them about any recent injuries.

During practice, remember to breathe! Holding one's breath during a difficult yoga practice is frequent for novice yogis. Keep your breathing relaxed and try not to stress about mimicking the instructor's directions perfectly.

As a novice yoga student, you will feel more confident if you practice some of the fundamental positions at home, such as Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Warrior 1 and Warrior 2, which are common in start classes.

The corpse position, also known as Savasana, is usually the last posture in a yoga class. This is a restorative position in which you lay flat on your back with your eyes closed.


And that’s it!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to get fit, we highly recommend giving yoga a try. Just be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and breathe easily.

At Loony Legs, we have a wide selection of high-quality yoga leggings, tops, and sports bras perfect for first timers or experienced yogis alike. Browse our latest collections now and find your new favourite yoga wear!


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