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The 8 Best Yoga Pants For Curvy Figures

We're firm believers here at Loony Legs that yoga is for everyone, so of course we also believe that there should be a gorgeous pair of funky yoga leggings for every body.

Yoga leggings and plus size yoga pants are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast's gym gear. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to locate high-quality plus-size gear, but choosing the best pair of yoga leggings or workout leggings can be just as challenging as getting into the downward dog or crow pose after a long day of work.

The UK plus-size market is worth £6.6bn, but we think the sportswear industry still has a lot of catching up to do.

If you're looking for high waisted leggings you can match with sports bras, or you want high quality gym wear with the funkiest patterns, we're here to help with the 8 best yoga pants for curvy figures.

What To Look Out For in Plus Size Yoga Pants

When looking for yoga pants it's a really good idea to look for leggings made from moisture wicking materials.

Instead of absorbing sweat, a moisture-wicking fabric collects it and draws it to the surface of the garment where it can dissipate.

When it comes to sports and outdoor activities, polyester and spandex are two materials that work particularly well in wicking away moisture. In a study of T-shirt materials from 2014, it was discovered that synthetic polyester was more breathable and more effective at wicking moisture than 100% cotton.

The purpose of moisture-wicking fabric is to keep the wearer dry and comfortable by preventing sweat build-up. By maintaining a constant body temperature while exercising, moisture-wicking technologies can assist prevent overheating, while ventilation textiles improve airflow.

The 8 Best Yoga Pants For Curvy Women

You need leggings that perform on the mat while accentuating your curves whether you're attending a yoga session or running errands. 

These plus size leggings are suitable for any occasion and are sure to turn heads!

1. Plus Size Patterned Leggings "Flamingo" Blue/Yellow

With these plus size flamingo-patterned leggings, you can stand out from the crowd. They are composed of soft, flexible material for optimal comfort, and they are ideal for adding a playful touch to any ensemble.

These high rise waist leggings also have sweat wicking capabilities so you never have to worry about dreaded sweat marks in your yoga classes!

2. Plus Size Patterned Leggings "Mosaic" Blue/Plum

3. Plus Size Animal Printed Leggings "KaleidoSnake" Cyan/Purple

These leggings are certain to draw attention thanks to their captivating combination of blue and purple snake design.

The flexible fabric keeps you feeling free and easy all day long, while the high elastic waistband offers a comfortable fit and ideal shape.

These KaleidoSnake leggings are the perfect pair of leggings for everyday wear, paired with a white tee for a sporty, casual look to run your errands with a coffee in hand!

4. Printed Plus Size Leggings "Cosmic Splash" Orange/Purple/Pink

With these vibrant and vivid plus size leggings, you could find yourself the centre of attention at your yoga or gym. The artistic brushwork and colourful splats evoke images of a galaxy far, far away.

While the airy, buttery-soft fabric ensures maximum comfort throughout any workout, the Cosmic Splash leggings are really out of this world.

5. Plus Size Floral Leggings "Flower Splash" Red/Yellow/Blue

Inspired by beautiful blossoms, but printed as a work of art with vibrant colour strokes that are as unique and gorgeous as you are.

Made from our renowned fabric, which is 4 way stretchy, incredibly light, and breathable.

These Flower Splash leggings are sure to bring a smile to your face and dazzle everyone around you.

6. Plus Size Printed Leggings "Dots&Stripes" Pink

Pretty in pink!

These funky, geometric plus size leggings are appealing on more than just the surface. With a stretchable and incredibly soft fabric, they are also incredibly comfy. A great fit is guaranteed by the high waistband and extremely elastic fabric, while small touches like flat seams and a triangle-shaped gusset crotch provide the optimum level of comfort and flexibility.

Of course, the Dots & Stiped leggings are fantastic for other uses besides the gym. You can also add them to your everyday wardrobe because they are so cute and colourful.

7. Plus Size Patterned Leggings "Modernist" Fuchsia/Turquoise

These striking and graphic Modernist leggings are a visual feast that were inspired by the abstract art of the early 1900s.

Hand-drawn forms are sliced through by black and gold lines, and the striking contrast of hues will capture everyone's attention from a distance.

Their second-skin-like comfort and buttery soft fabric gently and flexibly follow every movement both on and off the mat.

8. Plus Size Floral Leggings "Tropics" Burgundy/Purple

These Tropical floral leggings are sure to brighten any day rain or shine. They were even named in Yoga Journal as one of their top picks for plus size legggings. 

The super comfy stretch fabric makes sure you can easily get into all those tricky yoga poses, or just stretching out on the sofa with your favourite box set.

Suitable for all body types, plus size women need no longer be stuck with boring black leggings.



Looking For High-Quality, Ethical Yoga Wear?

Leggings that genuinely fit well and are affordable are difficult to find when it comes to plus size yoga wear. 

This list of high rise leggings feature the best tummy control that doesn't dig in and keeps the area smooth and supple. Your shape is taken into consideration when designing the material, which is excellent at wicking away sweat.

At Loony Legs, we take pride in offering yoga attire that strikes a balance between fashion, sustainability, comfort, and utility. Our selection of eco-friendly plus size yoga leggings, sports bras, stretchy tees, and other apparel is manufactured from high-quality materials that are especially created for your comfort and flexibility, allowing you to always feel your best.

Check out our full range of ethically made yoga wear today, and find the perfect fit for you!




Best Yoga Pants For Curvy Figures FAQs

Why do my yoga pants roll down at the waist?

When the fabric deteriorates or the waist is not properly fitting, leggings roll down. Some yoga pants can be folded down, however the majority of leggings fall down due to poor fit, a worn-out waistband or a poor design.

Is it better to size up or down yoga pants?

The size is too small if the fabric becomes sheer when squatting. You should size up one or two sizes if your leggings keep falling down. If your leggings are too big at the knees, you should size down. Leggings should never be loose at the knees.

Should yoga pants be tight or loose?

When it comes to yoga, there is no clear winner between tight and loose pants. Whatever you want to accomplish on the mat will depend entirely on how you exercise. Yoga pants that are snug or tight and have a fitted silhouette work well for various yoga forms, like vinyasa.


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