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The 10 Best Soft Capris Leggings For 2024

Would you rather work out with a gentle breeze cooling you off around your ankles? Then capri leggings are your best option. Wearing breathable, moisture-wicking clothing makes it easy to stay cool when exercising, but having your ankles exposed to the elements adds even more ventilation.

There's definitely not an activewear trend out there that could convince you to entirely give up leggings, but sporty dresses and athletic skirts will both provide you with a welcome change from them. 

We all adore our leggings, even though they aren't the most practical, rain or shine. Since leggings aren't always appropriate for warm weather, having a pair of cropped leggings on hand is essential when the temperature rises.

One thing is certain, though: you need a pair of cropped leggings you can move in, whether your summer exercise regimen consists of spin classes, early runs, or gym days. Fortunately for you, we've compiled the top capri workout leggings that are perfect for working out and beyond.

What are Capri Leggings?

A capri legging is a cropped legging that falls between your knee and ankle. It is sometimes referred to as a 3/4 legging or a 7/8 legging.

For those who prefer a shorter legging style or for petite individuals who might have trouble locating full-length leggings that aren't too long, the capri legging is a perfect option.

During the transitional months, when full-length leggings get a bit too warm but you still want more coverage than what shorts can provide, capri length leggings can be the perfect choice.

The 10 Best Capri Leggings for 2024

If you're a lover of high waist yoga pants but are in need of something a little cooler for the upcoming summer months, take a look at our top picks for Loony Legs capri leggings this year!

Printed Capris "Funky Lava"

Catch everyone's eyes with these hot-off-the press lava inspired capris. With strikes of colours to help you burn all the calories you want or just to lay low on the sofa.

Made with our super soft 4 ways stretchy leggings material for an incredibly comfortable fit during any workout.

Printed Capris "Surrealist 2"

Unlock compliments and confidence with these vibrant high-waisted capris. Designed to stand out, this ultra-comfortable pair is a guaranteed hit, hugging your figure in 4-way stretch fabric and luxurious softness.

Complete with a super supportive waistband, these squat proof high stretch fabric capris are bound to turn heads!

Animal Printed Capris "Wild Patchwork"

Embrace your wild side with these "Wild Patchwork" blues/purple/magenta animal printed capris. Crafted from our 4-way soft material stretch fabric that's as comfortable as a second skin, featuring a triangular gusset and a cosy high waistband to keep you feeling snug during your sweat sesh.

Floral Capris "Fluid Flowers"

Artsy and beautiful, these floral capris will turn heads wherever you go, from the gym to the park. Vibrant and bold, they are also super comfortable, with our so-so-so-soft fabric that feels like a second skin.

Animal Printed Capris "Camocheetah"

Unleash your wild side in these Camocheetah capris! Stand out with bold and daring green, yellow, and pink prints. Made with ultra-soft and buttery soft fabric for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.


Printed Capris "Funky Clouds"

Feel light like a cloud with these beautiful and ethereal leggings. Soft and lightweight, their second-skin feel will make you forget you are even wearing them.

Except everyone will ask them where you found something so unique...

Printed Capris "Surrealist"

These bold high waisted capris are the key to compliments in the gym and heart-eyed moments in front of the mirror. Not meant to blend into the background, this super comfy pair is a sure thing and fantastic fit, thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric and buttery soft material.


Floral Capris "Flower Splash"

Inspired by beautiful flowers, but printed as a piece of art, with dynamic strokes of colour, as agile as your moves on the mat (or the sofa).

Made with our famous super-lightweight and breathable fabric, 4 way stretch and buttery soft.

Animal Printed Capris "Wild Canvas"

Get wild on the mat with these artsy capris. Half messy canvas, half animal prints, they will grab everyone's attention and guarantee tons of compliments. Wear them for gym, pilates, yoga or match them with a daring top for a wild night out.


Printed Capris "Ethno Pop"

Show the colours of your yoga tribe (or pilates, or gym, or sofa tribe) with these funky, bold capris. Unique and eye catching, they will energize and give character to every workout. Plus, their buttery-soft and lightweight fabric will follow every movement and keep you comfortable in every position.


What Should I Wear With Capri Leggings?

In your wellness era? Capri leggings are in style and the ideal choice for whatever you do, whether you're starting the day with a hot yoga session or a Pilates class where you're working out your core. Perfect for those who want the support of a longer design but need the increased breathability of a shorter length when working up a sweat.

There are plenty of cute leggings outfits for your coffee run, studio class, or days when you take the dog for a walk when paired with a matching sports bra, crop tops, or zip-up jacket.


Capri Leggings vs Full Length Gym Leggings

Let's start by discussing how these leggings are different from a typical full-length pair. These are for you if your workout leggings roll down, bunch up your waistband or cuff the bottom of your leggings. Naturally, full length leggings usually reach your ankles and are worn for everyday wear.

On the other hand, cropped pants or leggings fall midway down your calf and are slightly shorter. This length is ideal for many fitness enthusiasts because it allows for flexibility and breathability. Your height and the sport you play will determine whether you want to wear full-length gym leggings or cropped leggings.

Capri Leggings vs 7/8 Leggings

You can also come across 7/8 leggings while looking for capri leggings. Remember that while all 7/8 leggings are cropped, not all cropped leggings are 7/8 leggings. The former are only marginally cropped because they are 1/8th shorter on the inseam. 

These usually sit nicely just above the ankle, albeit they usually rest higher on the leg than your standard full-length exercise leggings.

But bear in mind that smaller individuals who wear leggings might want to consider wearing petite gym leggings instead. That's because 7/8 leggings have a tendency to run a little long, which means that some people may find them to be big. Because of this, it's always a good idea to try on a few pairs until you find the right size leggings.

Looking for More Funky Patterned Capri Leggings?

It's always a smart idea to update your wardrobe with cropped exercise leggings! We hope you found all the information you needed to select the perfect pair in our guide. Why not take the time to browse some more of our Capri leggings we have available? You might just find the right fit for you.

Our capri leggings from Loony Legs are suitable for any occasion and available in a range of designs, prints, and fabrics. Treat yourself to a new pair of leggings today and feel empowered in the gym, yoga studio or just at home! 

Shop the full range now!


Best Soft Capri Leggings FAQs

What is the difference between leggings and capris?

As the name implies, capri leggings stop short of reaching your ankles, unlike full-length exercise leggings. They are instead cropped slightly above that region, frequently around your leg's calf.

What is the difference between 7/8 and capri?

Because they are notably shorter than 7/8 leggings, capri leggings—also referred to as cropped leggings—are similar. However, they cut off much higher, usually about mid-calf, rather than near the ankle.

Are cropped leggings out of style?

Capri leggings can be comfortable and fashionable whether you're wearing them for a workout or going out on the town with them and a gorgeous shirt. So don't worry about whether they're in or out of style if you love the way they appear and feel—wear whatever gives you a sense of ease and confidence!


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