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Yuliyana from "YPG Fitness"

Yuliyana Georgieva is an experienced Health and Fitness Coach with over 10 years experience in personalised training and nutritional advice. She runs a private studio in Muswell Hill in London and also offers her services online.


Yuliyana funky floral leggings


When did you fall in love with fitness and why?

Fitness change my life. It helped me to feel my best, allowing me to reach some of the biggest milestones not only in the weight room but in my life.

What got me hooked on fitness was when I started to get strong. Started as a  hobby and rehab for my bad posture. Aesthetically changes are great but when you feel physically strong that boost your mental strength as well.

I went from being an athlete (professional basketball player) to being a normal  person with no direction on how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.
I took control of my life and it took me years to educate myself and experiment different exercise methods  and nutritional plans to change my lifestyle and get to where I am.

I strongly believe that to change your life and lifestyle you need to learn to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable".



What do you offer in your courses? Where can people find you?

I use fitness as a tool to grow and become the best version of myself, get stronger and get to where I want to be. I strongly believe that fitness as well as having a strong mindset is crucial to living a healthy and happy life. For me the number one reason women should lift weights it’s the sense of confidence it brings and the positive impact on mental health and mood.

I run a private studio in Mushell Hill in London and offer 1 to 1 online coaching online. People can find me at

My personalised 12 week program is tailored to people's need and their personal goals to help build sustainable habits and guarantee life changing results .

I want to teach women to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy. For anyone who is ready to put in the work and better themselves. You will burn fat, build muscle and feel the best you have ever felt.



What do you like about Loony Legs?

The high-waisted design works just as well for yoga as it does for high-intensity cardio or strength training sessions. I like bold patterns and look-at-me shades and there are new prints and colour-ways each season. And fabric is top quality.

Also, the lightweight fabric feels like second skin, so I wear them for more than just a trip to the gym.

Yuliyana Georgieva

IG: @ypgfitness





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