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What To Wear With Patterned Leggings

A playful diversion from the sombre, monochromatic beige and grey hues, printed leggings have made an impact in the athleisure fashion world. Wearing leggings with a bold pattern is a great way to make a statement and really boost your confidence in the gym!

As with all fashion trends,dressy leggings had their peak a few years ago when everyone was crazy about leading a healthy lifestyle. Leggings left the gym and started to appear on the streets, and yoga pants were everywhere.

They were dressed with tops, Uggs, flats, trainers, and you could see them everywhere.

They transitioned from being transparent gym leggings to attractive bottoms that can be worn almost anyplace as the fabric became thicker.

Let's get some advice up your sleeve, though, on how to wear patterned leggings and get a wonderfully cosy, chic, and trendy appearance now that they are practically everywhere!

Are patterned leggings in style for 2024?

Yes! It makes sense, especially when it comes to patterned leggings, which give you lots of room to try out various outfit designs. They go well with both standard and cropped tops as well as cardigans and coats.

They look terrific with flats, trainers, and in certain cases, high heels.

Leggings are appropriate to wear in any month of the year, if we were to consider this in terms of the many seasons. They're a terrific summer alternative as well, with so many patterns that are lightweight but high quality so you'll never have to worry about them being see-through!

Our collection of funky patterned leggings in a wide range of patterns and colours are sure to compliment your personality whatever your style!

How to style printed leggings

Let's face it, leggings are the ultimate comfort piece for when you're working out, relaxing with some yoga or heading out for a casual brunch with friends! If you want to wear leggings adorned with a statement print, here are the basics of what you should style them with:

1. Solid colour t-shirts

In the spring and summer, wear a solid crop top or solid colour, stretchy T-shirt with printed leggings and a black leather jacket; in the autumn and winter, wear printed leggings with a long cardigan for a cosy, laid-back vibe.

2. Sweatshirts

When you want to be cosy but yet look attractive, sweatshirts are the perfect choice. They go perfectly with a pair of leggings and are a great option for layering.

You can find sweatshirts that meet your preferences because they come in a variety of colours and styles like our fleece sweatshirts. Make sure you pick the appropriate one based on how cold it is outdoors!

3. Crop tops

Nothing quite compares to crushing a sweaty exercise while wearing a stylish top and clinging high-waisted bottoms.

Crop tops or sports bras unintentionally serve as a reminder to activate your core and maintain good posture when working out because they expose at least a few centimetres of your stomach. if you do go with sports bra, follow our guide on measuring and getting the size right.


Gone are the days of boring black leggings, get a matching crop top and leggings set for the ultimate-feel good workout!

4. Jackets

Jackets look great with patterned leggings, and you can try out several styles. It is hard to go wrong with anything from a fringed, cowboy-style jacket toa simple denim jacket.

Of course, there are a few things we would advise depending on the look you are trying for or the occasion the outfit is put up for.

Rocker-style jackets go well with most tops for an everyday look. They serve as nighttime wardrobe pieces as well, giving you a versatile jacket to wear.

Another great choice, particularly appropriate in the spring, is a cardigan. They complement the majority of printed pants and are quite feminine. In this instance, complementary hues are advised because they will make the outfit look well-planned.

5. Sport Bras

If you want an easy choice, we have some funky matching sport bras and leggings sets you can choose from for a complete outfit. Sports bras are a great choice if you want that extra bit of flexilbility for your upper body.

6. Accessories

The majority of outfits you can put together with patterned leggings are either casual or gym-related. This does not imply that your accessories can't match. Whether you choose floral leggings or polka-dots, there's always an accessory with which you can pair leggings.

We're not just referring to ordinary bracelets, watches, or earring sets. As an example, floral leggings and statement accessories like chain necklaces go well together.

Fashion experts advise pairing floral leggings with a simple top. These can be simple, sporty-styled, one-shoulder summer T-shirts in soft pink.

Leggings' vivid colours are wonderfully accentuated with a denim shirt and cream or black flat ankle boots, giving you a fashionable yet unorthodox appearance. Avoid knee high boots which will take away the effect of your beautifully printed leggings!

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What to wear with patterned leggings FAQs

What can you wear with patterned leggings?

The best approach to match the colour of the top and the leggings is to choose one colour from the print on the leggings and choose the corresponding colour shirt. Printed leggings can also be worn with crop tops and sheer shirt dresses.

Are patterned leggings flattering?

The explanation is simple: the eye instinctively follows motion, and if the pattern is "busy," the eye will focus on the pattern rather than your leg's shape directly. The lesson here is that busy designs will enhance the appearance of your legs!

I only wear black leggings, should I wear patterned leggings?

If you're going to practise outside in the sun, light colours won't be as warm as darker ones and tend to give off a more feminine vibe. Bright colours can help improve mood and make exercise more enjoyable. A pair of light pink or peach-coloured tights can be exactly up your alley if you're going for a more feminine or "soft" appearance.


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